Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Labor and Delivery!!

I just received my new assignment for the semester. . . I will be at Mercy San Juan in the Labor and Delivery floor! This is my last semester in nursing school and as such we are able to choose which floor we would like to work on (for the most part). My first choice was at Sutter Memorial, but that was unsuccessful. I will only be attending CSUS one day a week, have community health one day a week and working full time at the hospital the other days. It should be a busy yet exciting semester. I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science, Nursing in May of this year!! Whooohooo!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Fun!

There are few things that I enjoy more in the winter than skiing. Since living in Sacramento we have frequented just about every ski resort in Tahoe with Northstar and Sierra being the resorts of choice. I have also visited Banff in Canada and skied Sunshine Village several years back. I would love to visit Whistler, Colorado and Utah and am definitely planning on skiing the Alps in Switzerland sometime in my life. There is little that can compare to the fresh mountain air rushing in your face as you carve down the black diamonds or just bombing the less challenging slopes. I tend to enjoy the “bombing” more, in which caution is abandoned and adrenaline is at its peak. I avoid the moguls if at all possible and the trees are sketchy for me as well. Ryan, my brother, is a park veteran and has been successful in his attempts at getting me to jump as well as skiing “fakie". A hot chocolate sums up the day nicely and a nap on the ride home while someone else drives is always appreciated!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Feliz cumpleaños a Ja-nell!

Feliz cumpleaños a ti, (Happy Birthday to you)

Feliz cumpleaños a ti, (Happy Birthday to you)

Feliz cumpleaños a Ja-nell, (Happy Birthday to Janell)

Feliz cumpleaños a ti! (Happy Birthday to you)

Happy 26th birthday to one of my best friends in the world!! Thanks for being such a FABULOUS friend! We have shared a lot of laughs and good times and as a result have stories to be told throughout a lifetime! I love your laugh, kind heart and contagious smile. I have never known anyone who gets into so many predicaments or has so many crazy and odd events happen in their day-to-day lives . . . . you keep me in stitches! Thanks for always being there for me and for being such a TRUE friend. I hope you have a great, wonderful, fun filled year full of many adventures . . . . . (with me of course!) LOL!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I wish you all the best in the upcoming year! As Bishop Nathaniel J. Wilson preached this last Sunday morning, 7 is the number of completion whereas 8 is the number of new beginnings. I am excited to see what “new beginnings” the year 2008 will bring in the lives of all my family and friends. . . yes. . and myself as well. :-)