Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some Day . . .

*sigh*. . . my dream house. It doesn’t look like much now (and the pic is horrible!! I was walking in the gutter on the side of the road in my heels and church clothes trying to snap a few pictures . . . there is a “no trespassing” sign on the fence and I didn’t want to get in trouble) but it is the house of my dreams. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved this house. Situated in Elk Grove, CA slightly out of town, this historic house has plenty of character & personality . . . and it is FOR SALE!! Of course it is for sale with 19 acres of commercial property making it extremely expensive, but I have been scheming. . . . if someone buys this property they will probably tear the house down to make way for new developments. What if I could buy a small parcel of land around the area and buy just the house (they might give it to me. . save the hassle of bulldozing it) and pay to have it moved down the street to my own property. The house would probably have to be gutted, but as I have never been inside I really have no idea. My next move is to find a realtor who would be willing to take me inside and talk to the owner for me. I also currently do not have any money. I suppose that could be a small bit of a setback. . . .

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Harley it is!

I have recently discovered that I have a desire to own and ride a motorcycle. The drawbacks are the cost, the fact that I don't know how to ride a motorcycle, and that I would be ridding in one of the most dangerous states to ride in. I have received a lot of negative feedback on this idea, but I think I have also convinced a couple of my close friends to get one as well! Ha! With much discussion on the subject, I thought a compromise could be reached with a cute little Vespa/Scooter that I saw at a power sports retailer. I stopped by after work today to get the price and the details and that was when I discovered that these adorable scooters only go up to 35 MPH. THAT IS NOT GOING TO WORK! sooo. . . it looks like a Harley is back on the menu. . . or something of that sort (Yamaha V-Star, etc).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bunny Mayhem

For the last two and a half weeks I have been working temporarily at an office, covering for an employee who went on vacation. This last Monday, something quite unexpected occurred at this office. Monday morning started out like any ordinary Monday, stumbling out of bed while angrily trying to shut off the alarm. Groggily I showed up to work and began setting about the tasks that I am being paid to do. About half-way through the day, as I was scheduling appointments for clients on the computer and filing stacks of paperwork while answering the phones (I have to make it sound good, right??) my employer was on the phone with a client in her office. Now, the office is not very large and as a result I more than heard the blood curling scream that suddenly sounded throughout the building. After checking my pulse to make sure that I was still alive, I whirled around to find my employer, still on the phone, but with her feet in the air and a look of panic on her face. In the middle of the office floor sat the cutest little baby cotton tail rabbit I have ever seen. As recognition of the furry object began to set in, she simply apologized to the client and continued her conversation (which was followed by laughs and giggles when the receiver was replaced).

As I crept forward for a better look, after snapping a few photos for friends and family, the bunny suddenly made a dash back into my employer’s office and behind her desk. It took at least 15 minutes of sweet talk (and a broomstick) to coax the bunny inside of an Office Max box. By this time my employer was back on the phone (with the same client as before). As my fellow employee and I attempted to tip the box right side up and put a lid on it, the bunny made an attempt at escape. The suddenness of it all caused more screams of excitement and my employer found herself once again apologizing to the client and attempting to explain the mayhem that was occurring in the office. At last we were able to properly confine the poor creature and grant it back its freedom in the front yard. The bunny quickly jumped out of the box once the lid was removed and scampered across the yard to a nice big bush providing cover and safety, but not before giving us excitement for the day and a story to be told.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Family Reunions

After just getting back from a family reunion in Gaylord, Michigan (the first family reunion that I can remember ever going to) I have learned a lot about life and my family. Although I did not know 3/4ths of the people there, we had a connection because we were related and because of this connection we didn't care if others heard us sing off key around the campfire, caught a glimpse of us in our pajamas, or smelled our morning breath. What a weird feeling to be completely relaxed around 100 or so people that I have never seen or met before!! I also learned that one has the choice to age gracefully. . . . or not!

Although Michigan does not have too many positives, in my opinion, compared to California, I was able to witness the beauty of the great lakes on a six hour motorcycle ride, enjoy the clean fresh air of northern Michigan while camping for a week and partake of the delicious taste of the one and only Koegel's pickled bologna. Sound disgusting?? Don't knock it till you try it. . . it is only found in Michigan, however, but you may be able to order it online :-)

When "love" is not enough. . .

People are constantly trying to “set me up” with young men whom they know. . . out of pity or pleasure, I have no idea. At weddings I often hear the question “When are YOU getting married?” or “You’re next Sarah!”. . . while I admit I do not like being alone or occasionally feeling lonely, I ask myself “In this gamble with life, it is worth the risk of such heartache and pain for the possibility of pleasure and great happiness?” As relationships all around me, young and old, are crumbling, lies and deceits told, and tears shed. . . . was it worth it to them? Some people say “Just put it in the hands of God” or “Just trust God”, but what about those who have put it in the hands of God and are still in pain. . . is there any chance of love and happiness left for them when their families and lives are torn apart?

I suppose that eventually the day will come when I myself try my hand at this game of love, but will it be enough? Will it last? I pray that it will, but only time will tell. . . . .