Monday, August 27, 2007

One CRAZY week in August. . . .

Last week I had quite the adventure. . . . my cousin Ryan (whom I haven’t seen in YEARS) and his friend Matt (whom I have NEVER seen) came out to visit for a week. I really didn’t know what to expect and was therefore more nervous that I usually would have been when I found out I had to pick them up at the airport ALL BY MYSELF!! Yikes!! I am not the most social person when I don’t know someone very well so I really pushed myself to the limits! Ha!! The first and second day that they were here was a little awkward for me, trying to get to know them and all, but by the end of the week I felt like I had known them my whole life! (they were probably wishing that I would go back to how I was the first two days of their trip. . . . hehehe) We did have quite a blast and laughed most of the time . . . usually at Matt’s expense. He handled it rather well though, considering.

Our first day together consisted of walking around Old Sac where the streets were filled with participants in a “rubber duck” race (?? Yeah. . I have no idea??) followed by a horrific car ride over to Crepeville for some lunch. We then went to the state capital and enjoyed a nice tour through the Assembly and Senate chambers as well as the rest of the capital building. Sutter’s Fort was next on the list (which I found completely boring. . . I didn’t let them know that though as they seemed to be enjoying it “ok”) and then back to my house where we enjoyed the company of the college and career group as well as other family friends.

Day 2 ~ Church!!! . . . and a little relaxing around the house. Don’t we look good?? hehe

Day 3 ~ We headed out to San Francisco for a day of fun in the sun!! Our first stop was Alcatraz which was very interesting and neat-o. . . then we met up with this crazy red headed girl (??) and hit the main attractions such as the golden gate bridge, Lombard street, Union Square, China town, and Mitchell’s ice cream. We began to feel quite comfortable with each other and as a result were a bit more retarded! (makes for great pictures though)

Lombard Street

Day 4 found us traveling through the gold mining city of Murphy’s were we enjoyed Mercer Caverns, panned for gold (with our hands until Ryan found a pan), and then on to the Calaveras Big Trees. We had a grand ol’time!

While walking through a "tree tunnel" we were attacked by man eating bats and barely escaped!! If you look close enough you can see one of these bats directly above Matt's head.

Biggest "nugget" of gold in the WORLD!! (I think)

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. . . . . always the jokester!

Day 5 ~ Yosemite!!! After a very LONG drive we found ourselves looking at the beauty of Yosemite National park. . . El Capitan and Half Dome were just a few of the sites we enjoyed. The waterfalls were lacking, as someone had apparently shut off the faucets and forgot to turn them back on, but we were able to see a bear and some deer which was exciting. On the way home Matt begged me for some of my shiny lip gloss. . after much pleading I gave in and got some great “smoochy” pictures as a result. . . (it might not have happened exactly that way. . but it happened)

Days 6 & 7 ~ We enjoyed the beauty of Monterey and Carmel with my parents . . . the weather was absolutely PERFECT!! We also saw Peter Pan at the forest theatre and the boys got to try out a little California diving!

Day 8 ~ Ate a late breakfast (1 o’clock) and then went to the state fair to watch the Rock Church choir perform. . . . also were able to see the baby animals (awww) and watch the rodeo (saw some blood on that one!!).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Age and Time. . . Weird!!

Disclaimer: I know I am NOT OLD!

Ok, now that I have that out of the way. . . I came to a realization today. . . it was a sad one. . I AM getting older!! I mean, I know I am not old . . . but I am the oldest I have ever been, right?? I haven’t really thought about it, but today I was on the web and came to a site to which I am apart of and saw “Sarah, 25 years old, Female, California” and it just hit me! I don’t feel 25 at all. . . . I still feel around 20 or so. . . is it normal to feel younger than what you really are?? I remember the days that 25 meant you were now a part of the “singles” group instead of the “youth” group. . . it is a good thing good ol’James bridged the gap with the new and improved “college and career” group. . HA! While I haven’t been paying attention life just keeps moving on without asking permission. . . and it always will keep moving on in the same fashion. I guess the moral of the story is to enjoy today while you have it! I was told once in one of my biology classes that “from the day you are born, you are slowly dying and decaying”. . . . . so let’s die having fun each and every day!

Afternoon Tea!

This last Saturday I hosted a real life tea party at my house! (it was actually a bridal shower for Elizabeth) Although it was WAY more work that I had anticipated it was worth the effort. I had multiple comments made, such as “you have made every little girls dream come true!” and “the only tea parties I have been to have included teddy bears and toys.” It was suggested to the ladies, in the invitations, to “wear your favorite summer dress and hat” and they did just that! We had a wonderful time and the only complaint that I could have was that the wind was just a little too overzealous :-)

Here is the tea table set up with two different flavors of hot tea. . . some iced tea. . . and some pink lemonade.

Lunch Menu: croissant sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon and Ben’s special mixed salad with strawberries. So delish!

Dessert Menu: three types of deluxe cupcakes ~ vanilla, chocolate and orange supreme ~ Sarah’s berries (which were a raving success. . they couldn’t get enough I tell ya!!), chocolate covered pretzels and raspberry thin mints. . . . wrapped up with some hot currant tea

Elizabeth and I
Mika had to make her appearance!!

Special thanks to: MY MOM!!!, Cheryl S., Lisa C. and Chris H. for ideas, supplies and help!!