Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy 30th to my absolutely wonderful, amazing, fun, beautiful Sister-in-Law

Oh Kelly. . . . how I wish I could be there today . . . the four of us friends have started a tradition (Kimberly, Amanda, You and I) and I wish I was there to keep that tradition alive.

Things I wish:

I wish I was there to surprise you at a morning breakfast downtown . . . to kidnap you and whisk you away to an undisclosed location while wearing ridiculous hats and forcing you to carry balloons. . . to eat lunch with you in a quaint little café in Monterey consisting of fabulous four cheese grilled sandwiches and some sort of yam/squash soup concoction that was to die for . . . to take stupid pictures in Anthro . . . to drink hot coco in Carmel . . enjoy present opening on the beach while acting like idiots . . . and to finish the day off with a production of "Annie" at the Carmel Forrest Theater while sipping sparkling cider and nibbling on carmel apples and cheese and crackers . . . to act like kids and enjoy the beautifulness of friendship . . . (re-cap of year 1)

I wish I could wake you up and some un-godly time of the morning while video taping your reaction . . . to once again whisk you away to an unknown location while wearing crazy feathers and bows in our hair. . . I wish I could rent bikes and force you to ride miles while earning a great sunburn and full body soreness that would last for days . . . wish I could take you to the Boardwalk and ride crazy rollercoasters while screaming like 8 year old children . . . walk along the pier and find some homeless man to follow us and sing "Happy birthday, it's your birthday" . . . and finish up the evening with an improve comedy club that would tell such off colored jokes that we would try and sneak out the back door after 15-20 minutes . . . (re-cap of year 2)
 I wish I could present you a large card with pictures of us inside to remember fun times and memories. . . 
All of this I wish we could do and more my dear sister-in-law. . . maybe we would make some new crazy memories of sky diving or renting quads for the day . . . maybe we would laugh so hard our innards would hurt . . . we would enjoy the company of our dearest friends and make memories that would be remembered years down the road . . .

I love you dearly!
I am so glad at least I was there at your party in spirit  . . .LOL. . .thanks for making me feel a part of the celebration
(I have just made myself cry)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sarah... You made me laugh and cry so bad!! I had to run in the bathroom at church before anybody could see me! (I'm still blowing my nose) Thank you so much!! I wish so bad you were here too!!! Thanks for the sweet post and most of all for being Sarah... my sister and friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Now "Mean Old Mom" MOM is crying too!! I have the bed 4 kids in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!! 😘😘😘😘