Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lisbon ~ Portugal

Taking this one back to last September on our Costa Pacifica cruise with bro and sis . . . sometimes things get away from me . . . but here goes!

(downtown Lisbon)

 Our stop in Portugal was short . . . but definitely sweet!!  We disembarked to warm, sunny, beautiful weather waiting for us.  We had signed up for a Jeep off road excursion prior to disembarking and were quickly corralled to our awaiting vehicles.  Our specific Jeep was a nice shade of mustard yellow with open sides to allow the fresh air (and plenty of dirt and dust) to penetrate our minds and bodies. 

The scenery was simply fantastic!  After about a 20 minute drive to get out of the city we were met with great coastal views!  It really reminded me of our family's annual (or sometimes bi-annual) drive up the California coast to our favorite camping spot in Northern California.  We made several stops throughout the day in little villages as well as scenic, photo opportunistic locations.  The craziest thing of the day was the experience of riding in this "off road vehicle" on the freeway as we were making our way back to the port.  Completely unsafe!  The sides and back of the Jeep were open to air, there were no seat belts and we were sitting on benches in the back.  Imagine having six adults in the back of a pickup (with just a roof over the back) on bench seating riding down Highway 99 in the good ol'USA . . . would NEVER be allowed!!  But alas! There we were cruising down the highway, dust covered and stinking from a day of fun and adventure! Ha!

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Jessica Kai said...

Hi, I came across your blog as I was researching different Europe cruises. I, too, am stationed in the KMC area. I read that you got an absolute steal at $399 per person on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Where did it dock? Also would you mind sharing where you found such an amazing deal? I would love to take my family, Thanks! If you don't mind, could you email me?