Friday, December 27, 2013

Chania, Crete

Our last destination on this fabulous journey over sea was in Crete.  No excursions were scheduled for this day (except for dad . . . he took his excursion under sea) and we meandered through the streets of the city.  

 We also found our way down to the coast and it was just a relaxing as it was a little creepy.  This part of the city was deserted . . . shops were boarded up, graffiti surrounded us, no human interaction . . . it was sad.

We headed back to the "market place" and things picked up quite a bit.  There was shopping a' plenty with booths set up consisting of leather bags, sandals, ceramics, olives, spices and interesting food items.

It was a nice stop . . . sunny and bright . . . even it was a big uneventful.  Sometimes one needs a day of soaking in a culture and "experiencing" rather than just "seeing".

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